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Down3r gives the Social Media team a mega shoutout! Congrats to Latin America!
22 Mar 2021

We have some news that we’re super excited to bring to you Down3r fans! The Latin American team has been working very hard to get the word out on his music, and he’s taken the chance to thank them for their efforts! Check out this shoutout!

How cool is this? Last time Down3r shouted out DJ Central and Blue Pie it was for Christmas 2020, and this is just as awesome for us this time around! 2021 is the year that the Latin American team have really come into their own so far, so it’s extra great that they now have this recognition and encouragement from the man himself. We at Blue Pie and DJ Central thank you, Down3r! It’s always fantastic to feel appreciated like this, and we’re sure the Latin American team will be getting the above vid everywhere they can on social media, as it’s a huge accreditation to them.

And with music like this, how could we not be giddy that this shoutout exists?! If there’s one thing to be taken away from all this, it’s the skill of the man himself, as well as the dedication of the social media team. Thanks to Blue Pie/DJ Central Latin America, and to Mr. Suga Boom Boom! Let’s celebrate this with some bangers!

Check out DL Down3r at the following official links:

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