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Eedris has a new music video and then some! Latest videos going viral!
13 Oct 2020

Eedris Abdulkareem’s hype train just doesn’t slow down! His most recent music videos on our Youtube Channel are exploding with rapid views, not least of which is his newest music video, COUNTRY HARD!

This is a music video of a track from Eedris’ blockbuster album, Nothing But The Truth. Said album combines a whole bunch of new with a whole bunch of old, and gives us a full spectrum of what Eedris can do, whether it’s classic or not! And the fans seem to really love this song, judging from how in just a few weeks, the music video got over 160k views! But if albums aren’t your thing, singles might be, and Eedris’ single “Helper Of The People” is also seeing its share of stardom!

Also featuring over 19k views under its belt, this single and the associated music video are part of why people come back for Eedris again and again – his social commentary expressed through catchy and smooth flow!

The “Say No” series of course exemplifies this, given the sheer nature of taking a stance against corruption, murder, and rape, as well as many other issues that Nigeria faces daily. With a respectable 32k+ plays since August, neither this nor Helper Of The People are viralling quite as much as Country Hard is right now, but the same Eedris fans who love that video and track also love these for the same reasons – Eedris tells it like it is, in the most elegant and smooth way that he’s capable of. Truly, he hasn’t lost his thunder since the days of Jaga Jaga, and when there’s an injustice in his beloved Nigeria, he will be there to speak on it through memorable tunes like these. THAT’S why Country Hard is viralling, and THAT’S why Eedris’ fans are as loyal as they are.

Eedris Abdulkareem is an inspiring rapper with an amazing history behind him, and many classics of his such as “Jaga Jaga” and now the “Say No” series illustrate his great musical ability. He is not afraid to speak out for what he believes in and is truly a commendable artist. Watch this space, because there’s more where this came from, heartfelt messages and all!

Eedris Abdulkareem is a Blue Pie Records USA artist and is available at all leading digital retailers on the planet. Search “Eedris Abdulkareem”, or check out his social media links below!

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