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Hip Hop Skip and Jump Vols 1-100! Some spicy new compilations from us to you!
12 May 2021

Yet more compilations for you guys! Last ones we talked about were the extensive list of EdiNet collaborations between our catalogue and theirs, and we couldn’t get enough of those, so we continued making compilations with Blue Pie and DJ Central solo catalogues! Get ready for some sweet urban spice, we got Hip Hop Skip and Jump, and we got 100 volumes of it! Have a few samples.

These beats go hard, and the flow is exceptional across the board. You may discover some artists you’ve never heard of here, or maybe encounter some old favourites, but either way, a mixture of good times can be found within these 100 volumes. They’re still rolling out currently, but very shortly, all 100 volumes will be available via Spotify and all other major online retailers and streaming services. Straight from DJ Central and Blue Pie to you, we’ve found both the best of the best in our Hip Hop selection as well as some undiscovered gems that deserve time in the spotlight. And no matter what, when there’s 100 volumes, you know that there’ll be SOMETHING in there that even the most picky listeners will enjoy!

Just like with the EdiNet compilations, these funky album covers were as always designed by our in-house design & admin specialist Sara Cornish, and one thing’s for sure, they truly pop, as always! The pun with skipping along a hopscotch grid is cheeky, and the muted and smooth colours really help bring out the overall feeling of these compilations. Sara has been working very hard on these, and they’re all a treat in their own unique ways.

The majority of Hip Hop Skip and Jump is online currently, with the rest of the stragglers just around the corner – or, just a hop skip and a jump away. (Don’t judge for the pun. You’re not perfect. You would have grabbed the low-hanging fruit too, don’t lie about your integrity. C’mon dude.)

So hop onto Spotify, skip over what doesn’t do it for you, and let your favourite picks from these jump into your playlists! That’s what’s great about these compilations – they really let you expand your collection how YOU see fit. It’s in your hands now – see you later, when you’re bumping a new and fresh favourite from these excellent selections!

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