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In remembrance of the fallen artists of Blue Pie Records and beyond
22 Jul 2019

We of Blue Pie Records are honoured to announce the latest page on our site- the In Memoriam page.

Recently after the 10 year anniversary of Gordon Waller’s passing and the article associated with it, we decided to create a page to host all our artist bios belonging to those who have sadly passed on.

CaptureClick here to access the page:

From there you can click on each of their bios and see the accomplishments they made throughout their lives and musical careers. We at Blue Pie love music and love our artists, and preserving the prestige they climbed to is one way we express that love, and our respect for them.

As our artists pass on in the future, we will write memorial stories for them, and then place a link to those stories in their bios.


Rest In Peace.


Blue Pie Web Team

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