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International Badman Killa! Runtown's EP got the music video it deserved!
07 Jan 2020

Fantastic cinematography, amazing choreography, good music, and an overall chill vibe that get us craving more? Must be a Runtown video.

The flagship track of the “Tradition” EP from Runtown, “Redemption”, got an amazing music video. As the first track you hear on the EP, it’s justified that it got special attention! But the crown jewel of the EP, the song that’s gotten the most viral traction across all platforms from the “Tradition” EP, also got one. That’s right, it’s the one and only “International Badman Killa”, and the music video for that is just as stunning… and the view count for it, even more so! 1,130,904 views at the time of writing!

That, combined with the multiple hundreds of thousands of plays for both the songs on Spotify in the EP, is a testament to Runtown’s success. He’s truly the Soundgod, just as his label says!

What a fantastic way to end 2019 and welcome in the new decade! Runtown has been heavily active throughout the year of 2019, as well as the years prior, and this success combined with his active track record indicate only good things for 2020! The music videos have gotten millions of views alone, and Runtown is already a household name for many. Many new fans of his will never forget the moment they laid eyes on that stylish white tommy gun in the “International Badman Killa” music video! It’s the track that has everyone talking, and these two music videos released in celebration of the EP are the best possible ones they could have chosen to bring to music video form, in our opinion.

Runtown is an artist with an amazing history behind him, and you can read all about that by clicking here! He has become an incredible figure within the music industry to watch. He has earned the respect of his peers through his ability to fuse musical styles whilst staying true to himself. Runtown says: “The biggest and most rewarding risk I’ve ever taken is just doing me and not conforming. I have my own style of music and I have stayed true to it and it has paid off in the long run.” He’s a welcome asset to Ordior and Blue Pie Records, and we’re truly honoured to be involved with an artist of such talent and international recognition!

Runtown is a Sound God Music artist and published for the world by Sound God Music.

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