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Invinceable and DL Down3r's tracks get movie placement!!
15 Mar 2019

Invinceable of Miracle West Entertainment and DL Down3r both have their tracks scheduled to be used in the feature film, “Before the Dawn”!

The young star coming out of Mike C’s record label  Miracle West Entertainment and the west coast viral hit have contributed some of their best bangers to the film’s soundtrack, with Invinceable featuring with his classic bop “Pump Pump”, and DL Down3r dropping “Throw It Up”, his west coast slapper featuring LadyDice!

The movie features the following synopsis on IMDb: “A young high school teacher moves to a new town for a fresh start and falls for a troubled student.” Solid premise, and some decent pics and a lengthy casting list on the webpage make this a hype-building experience!

But what sort of songs can we expect to hear? What if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of either of these bangers? Well, as always with most things musically related, Spotify has you covered.

Invinceable- Pump Pump:

DL Down3r & LadyDice- Throw It Up:

Already it’s looking to be a lit soundtrack and a cool movie, so get your popcorn ready and get hype!

If you need more than this to tide you over, check out DL Down3r’s facebook for updates on him, LadyDice’s facebook for updates on her, or Miracle West’s facebook for updates on Invinceable and Mike C!

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