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J Young's "Lit" playcount is surging into the thousands!
08 May 2019

Does this sound familiar?

Probably does. It’s been stuck in all our heads since the last time we talked about it, and we’re not complaining! And it seems the rest of the internet is following suit with that, because in just the short time in which Lit by J Young and After 5 has been released, it has already amassed 4,179 plays on Spotify! We’re expecting more swings in the duo’s popularity coming soon too… 2019 ain’t over yet, and there’s plenty of time to skyrocket Lit into popularity, so share it round to everyone you know who likes good music!

If you’re just discovering J Young for the first time and this is your gateway, allow me to open the door for you fully with this playlist.


It’s the kind of music that you just get hungry for more of and can’t stop listening to new tracks that you come across! Enjoy your journey!

“Lit” official links:


We hope you enjoy this music video of Oxygen too! Let yourself indulge in J Young’s many talents-

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