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Knock on Heaven's door! A new Heaven website + some Guns N Roses trivia!
10 Sep 2021

We last took a Heavenly nostalgia trip a while back with a look at Heaven’s legacy on the Aussie heavy metal scene. Now we’re pleased to announce that if you’re ever in the mood to time warp back to the 80s and thrash your head to some classic heavy metal, you can do that any time, any place, thanks to the new Heaven website!

The site features everything a Heaven aficionado could possibly want, including tour history, music, videos, a classic photo gallery, and some trivia about the band! And speaking of trivia… What if I told you that Heaven were an influence for the legendary Guns N Roses…? In particular, the old Bob Dylan classic, Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, was transformed into a rocking anthem by Heaven in 1985, and was followed up by the excellent Guns N Roses hit in 1987? Just look at the release dates and you’ll have your mind blown! Inspiration like this is the highest form of compliment.

Now that’s some killer music trivia, and not a well-known fact, either! In fact, it’s not the only time that Guns N Roses and Heaven would be connected: Mick Cocks, who was a part of both Heaven and Rose Tattoo, also had an association with Guns N Roses. Mick joined Heaven after he left Rose Tattoo. Guns N Roses have also cited Rose Tattoo as a favourite band! So whether the connection is vicarious or not, Heaven and Guns N Roses prove that great rockers belong together!

If your curiosity is piqued and you don’t know the details yet, this ought to fill you in: Hailing from Sydney, Heaven formed in 1980 and they always brought down the house with their distinct brand of heavy metal. The band recorded three albums and toured throughout the United States during the 1980s. The group’s original style was similar to that of AC/DC, but in later years went in a more commercial heavy metal direction along the lines of Judas Priest. Some further trivia is that when AC/DC singer Bon Scott died in London, some unsubstantiated reports suggested that the iconic band was considering Heaven’s frontman and vocalist Allan Fryer as a replacement! Brian Johnson had been given the nod by Bon in life, so Allan was able to forge his own legend along with the rest of his crew

The legacy of the band endures, entertaining new ears many years after members have left or passed away. Fans of Heaven have a lot more listening to do before they themselves ascend to Heaven – because someone who listens to music this rockin’ couldn’t have committed a sin in their life! 😉

Heaven are a Deluxe Records and Blue Pie Records USA artist and are published by Deluxe Records Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP) for selected titles.

Check out Heaven’s Blue Pie bio by clicking here!

And don’t forget their new website… once more, that address is!

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