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Loving You Forever equals DJ Central! One of the best songs from Suzanna Lubrano!
10 Sep 2019

Is there any video that better encapsulates the happy night life? The spark of wild excitement and innocent fun that one fantasises about during the bleak work hours? The whole reason the weekend is fun? We don’t think so. And the accompanying song fits like a glove. So it was a natural choice for “Loving You Forever” to be the flagship mascot song for DJ Central! It wasn’t an easy choice, but it was a good one, one that made sense. After all, the rest of our artists have fine catalogues themselves, not to mention Suzanna’s excellent portfolio of musical delights!

We’re pretty sure you see what we mean when you listen to them. Which is one of the reasons why we’re so very excited to know Suzanna is touring Europe soon! She’s back, baby!

“Loving You Forever” is one of those songs that first and foremost works when you break it down into stings- you can easily use it for the show whenever it needs to be playing! One of the things that music supervisors need to do when they are looking for a theme song is to see where they can get the 5 second, 15 second, 30 second, and longer song grabs. They need to all go together to make a show have an iconic theme song- one that not only sounds great, but embeds itself in your music brain. Just think- what would the Seinfeld show sound like without that funky bass riff? What would The Six Million Dollar Man sound like without the cool and fun intro? Would Get Smart be as recognisable now as it was back in the ’60s without that incredible theme song? The world of music is truly an influential one, which is exactly why we’re in this business! So that’s convenient that it fits so well. But the biggest reason is just how good this song is! The song was so well received that it became an instant hit with Simon Smithers, DJ Central’s producer. We had to have it as the show’s theme song! Co-written and produced by Damien Reilly, Chris Garcia, and Suzanna Lubrano, featuring Sabrina Fustaire on backing vocals, this is a veritable storm of talent!

The Blue Pie license team worked hard to get this song as part of the show’s music ecosystem, and today we could not even imagine the show without it! If you’d like to know how to get your music into shows like this, email!

To check out even more of Suzanna, check out these official links below!

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