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Making the most of it! The Key Crashers boom boom through the COVID lockdown!
02 Apr 2020

Stay home, save lives. That’s what we’ve been hearing no matter where we are in the world, due to the rampant disaster that is the Coronavirus, COVID-19. But judging from the explosive Down3r activity on the Key Crashers’ Spotify, some people have been keeping themselves from stagnating in this difficult, slow period! And it all starts with the remixes of Suga Boom Boom that KC masterfully created…

key crashers spotify april 2 2020

Yup, the Suga Boom Boom remixes are both in the top 5 of the Key Crashers’ Spotify at the time of writing, and the non-extended version is just on the cusp of overtaking their number one hit, “Splashing”!

What could this surge of popularity be owed to? Well it’s obviously due in part to the remixes being amazing tracks, well on par with the originals, but the Coronavirus may be in part responsible! The Key Crashers hail from Bergamo, one of the hardest-hit places in Italy by the virus. So it makes sense that they wanted to help give people trapped in their homes some source of fun to take their minds off everything! The answer? A #stayhome video where the fans get to spread awareness faster than even the virus, all while blasting the Key Crashers’ video – some bits are sure to get a chuckle or smile outta ya!

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We #stayhome and we listen to SUGA BOOM BOOM Remix (Link in Bio) #iorestoacasa #stayhealthy #staythefuckhome #andratuttobene #andràtuttobene🌈 #andràtuttobene #keycrashers

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Can you blame them? With how catchy this track is, it’s a wonder how we get any work done ourselves, with how much we’ve been dancing away to it!

It’s been going nuts on not only Spotify, but Soundcloud, Facebook, and Instagram! At least some good is coming out of Covid, right? The community comes together in the face of an undeniably grim crisis. Illustrations of the human spirit such as these are to be treasured!

The Key Crashers’ roster is a veritable smorgasbord of good tracks, which explains why they’re so good for heartwarming showings such as these – that variety and talent goes a long way with reaching many different people! These talented artists are the ones we can thank for that! Who says good music is dead?

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