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Meet African China!
06 Jul 2019

The name African China stands for: African Children Have Ideas Natural for African. A sincere nod to the earnest point of view of a child, a raw, natural kind of wisdom that may just be the key to our futures. And this brand of sentiment echoes true in the rest of African China’s works! We’re very glad to have him on the team. We hope you’ll be glad to discover him!

The best way to discover him is most likely through this- a list of his most popular tracks on Spotify, with “Mr President” at the very top at the time of writing- it’s the most frequently played song right now. But “If You Love Somebody” has more plays overall from its limelight in the past! African China is no stranger to political commentary or amazing music- his special brand of reggae-inspired afropop has drawn attention to his work worldwide! Whether you’re into religious tribute, politically charged music, or just good music to dance and sway to in general, African China has something for you!

This one in particular mixes the three factors outlined above into one, as you can tell merely from the titles, before you even hit play and get distracted from nodding your head to the beat too much! From the slow, gentle “Goodbye of God” to the melancholy yet groovy “Crisis”, this album neatly summarises just what you’re in for with African China’s style, and shows off the best qualities of his many talents!

These ones are bigger compilations, which gives them room to really showcase those talents in depth. There are many different styles and themes at play, but a deep sense of love and pride as a Nigerian ebbs from both of them, as well as pride in African China’s beliefs and his faith in God. When an artist is devoted to their craft, it’s plain to see in the excellent quality of their work, and this sentiment is true for African China especially! And if you’re more of a visual person and need to discover him in a more visual manner to make up your mind, check out this news story listing and examining some of his extensive video catalogue, as well as the story of how he signed on with our label in the first place! Whatever you’re after from African China, he’s here to deliver it with one particular niche that he excels greatly in- and that, simply put, is good music of all kinds!
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