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Meet Cammen!
25 Mar 2022

Cammen is an up-and-comer on Spotify, and his dope beats have been turning our head at Blue Pie since we featured him on Soundwaves From Africa volume 44 back in 2018! Featuring sweet beats, killer sax and emotional vocals, Cammen’s music is infectious and it’s clear why he’s amassing a following as rapidly as he is.


And of course, Cammen is still featuring on plenty of compilations, which is sure to help even more folks discover him. Here’s just a tiny sample of the kinds of works he’s featured on, with some of the best African musical names in the business right alongside him. Sit back and get ready to hear some of the zestiest music you ever will. That’s the rule that all of Camba Music Records’ artists abide by, and we’re very grateful to be teaming up with them via our cooperation with Cammen.

Cammen is aiming to push the envelope with every release he makes. Every track you discover of Cammen’s leads to yet more great musical discoveries, as you realise each track you thought was the best you’ve heard was just smoke coming from the fire that is his deeper catalogue! Sweet beats! Killer sax! Emotional vocals! These are some of the ingredients that make Cammen’s most incredible hits, and we’re sure when you hear them, you’ll be able to pick out some of your favourite parts too. It’s only a matter of time until Cammen throws even more bangers up online, and we’re hyped to see just what he’ll come up with next! How about you, you hype for the Cammen-flavoured future? If you are, check out his links down below for more info, or check out his catalogue!

For more musical fun with the man himself, be sure to do what we do, and keep your eye closely on Cammen’s Spotify!

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