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Meet Craig Fraser! The Jingle Master!
03 Jul 2019

Catchy tunes are Craig’s specialty! They’d have to be for him to receive a title like “Jingle Master”- you know those earworms on TV that get permanently caught in your mind? That’s Craig’s niche. But it goes beyond that! Craig is a man of many talents and styles. Chris Spencer from Who’s Who of Australian Rock sums it up best with “Fraser’s high standard of song writing means he’s able to write songs that range from ballads to high energy freak-outs.”

Having played the piano for more than 30 years Craig has played Punk, Country, Rock, the list goes on but his true passion is writing and with a vast library of lyrics and melodies Craig is constantly recording and collaborating. There’s one talent that remains consistent no matter what genre Craig decides to try out, no matter what format he works in- and that’s that his writing niche stands strong with the ability to consistently get something stuck in your head by the sheer merit of catchiness! It takes talent, skill, and trial and error to pull this off consistently- there’s no Midas Touch, and Craig knows it. That’s why his hits keep coming out the way that they are! Check out “I Wanna Dance With You” for a good example of that!

The entire album is great, but this track in particular sports a chill mastering of brass and the reggae style! It’s the perfect song to relax to, and we can guarantee the “ay yi ya ya” hook will be stuck in your head for at least the next century. Give or take. It’s the most popular song that Craig has contributed to on Spotify for a reason!

Craig is a true asset to the Blue Pie team, and his talents are allowed to run wild and be put to use in any way he can imagine, enabling him to share his talents with the awesome Blue Pie artist roster and create those memorable tunes, jingles, 3 part epics or anything else in between you might need. No matter what he’s doing, no matter what genre he decides to tinker in this time, you can bet it’ll be distinctly Craig, and catchy like we’ve never heard before!

Here are his top tracks on Spotify! Show him some love- maybe you’ll discover a new favourite! You’ll know it when it gets stuck in your head! He’s also available on all other major retailers.

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