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When it comes to song writing Craig Fraser has a great talent for adding the colour, the twist or the quirkiness, which can transform a basic song into a memorable tune that will prick up a listener’s ear and become firmly entrenched in their mind.

Maybe it was a combination of banjo and bagpipe playing grandparents, opera singing parents or just the fact that nobody quite see the world as Craig does but Chris Spencer from Who’s Who of Australian Rock sums it up best with “Fraser’s high standard of song writing means he’s able to write songs that range from ballads to high energy freak-outs.”

Having played the piano for more than 30 years Craig has played Punk, Country, Rock, the list goes on but his true passion is writing and with a vast library of lyrics and melodies Craig is constantly recording and collaborating.

Joining the Blue Pie team is a natural progression for Craig, enabling him to share his talents with the awesome Blue Pie artist roster and create those memorable tunes, jingles, 3 part epics or anything else in between you might need.

Craig works with Damien Reilly and the global team at Blue Pie. We are honoured to have Craig on the team. We look forward to many long years of success with Craig. For more information on Craig you can visit his website at

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