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Meet Yung Grin! An old favourite and some new releases!
13 Oct 2021

Yung Grin is an artist who is guaranteed to put a grin on your face, with chill vibes that will put you in a relaxed mood and get the good times rolling. Whether his smooth flow comes in the form of one of our favourite tracks, Shishe, or in the more energetic and upbeat form of tracks like “Attention”, Yung Grin finds a way to fit into any given niche very nicely. A Yung Grin playlist always has something ready for whenever a particular mood suits. We’ve gushed about this very versatility in the past, in fact! Click play below to get acquainted and see why that is…

We have a lot to thank Nedjon for, and bringing artists like Yung Grin to us is one of the biggest things! He’s taking off in certain corners around the world, and we’re looking forward to a more global success with the young artist. We’ve got the perfect chill music to listen to while we wait, too, courtesy of Yung Grin! He and Rayce really bottled lightning with “Shishe”, and we’re thankful to Fliptyce for producing it, as well as Ojeremix for mixing it! Only good things on the horizon. Let’s see where this goes – we’ll be keeping a close eye on Yung Grin’s Spotify, that’s for sure!

But don’t just settle for that alone! Yung Grin’s got a couple other hits that are on networks aside from Spotify, such as Amazon and iTunes. Here’s a taster of them – don’t blame us if you end up hooked at first bar, though!

If you needed to keep up with the world of Yung Grin, we have the whole catalogue on his Blue Pie artist profile for you to peruse, as well as Yung Grin’s social links – who knows, you might have just stumbled upon your next favourite artist! The underrated ones are often the best. Why not browse away and find out?


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