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More 100% Home-Grown featurings for Blue Pie and DJ Central!
07 Apr 2021

You gotta kick off the Easter long weekend with a bang. That’s the philosophy that MCs Mighty and Pyrite went into Thursday night radio with, and it paid off for them! 100% Home-Grown had a very memorable night, and the combination of our music and Lea’s excellent choices for tracks made for a delightful blend of flavours that we were really satisfied with. As ever, we at Blue Pie and DJ Central are very grateful for this opportunity, this week being the fifth week the boys have been on! This is a show we’re proud to sponsor, and we’re honoured to have our boys featuring on it as well, just as much as we always have been!

home grown

This amazing Thursday evening show from 107.1 is the one stop shop in the Southern Highlands if you’re after Aussie Indie. Featuring from 6PM til 7PM, Mighty and Pyrite gave further exposure to indie or otherwise Aussie favourites, and once again featured Where Is The Love! With 200k plays on Spotify and a steamy new music video, it’s little wonder why shoutouts like this are adding yet more gas to the tank! We have Highland FM to thank for our successes!

With samples from other albums and excellent tunes, the combination of Lea’s catalogue and ours made for a stellar experience! We’re very thankful we’ve been given this awesome opportunity to get these artists out there across the Southern Highlands. Take a look at the sort of talent we showcased this week!

But Mighty and Pyrite aren’t done with radio by a long shot. They’re still learning the ropes, but be prepared for their own musical show to hit the 107.1 airwaves eventually! Stay tuned for more concrete announcements. Give it a week or two more 😉 And if you want to see what else is on store at this excellent radio station, we have you covered – the schedule is easy to navigate! And if you need something else to scratch your itch after you’re done with 100% home grown, well… stay tuned on the Blue Pie show. We’ll keep you updated on the whens and wheres, we promise.

And of course, the website is here to fill you in on every detail you could ever want!

Remember, Southern Highlands – the radio hosts at 107.1 are all VOLUNTEERS, WORKING FOR THE LOVE OF MUSIC! Bump this station loud and support the magnificent work they do out of the passion in their hearts! That’s why the radio waves in the Highland FM logo form a heart… because that’s what everyone involved with these projects puts into them every single day! We’re proud to sponsor this excellent service, and we’re honoured to have been featured so frequently before our own show has even been established. Speaking of which… watch this space, Southern Highlands. Watch this space…

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