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Not far from 40K! Down3r's fans are going crazy!
07 Jan 2020
Last time we had a look at the stats of the Down3r fanpage, it had 20K likes and 26K followers. That was around two months ago, more or less. Now, what’s this sight that greets us when we check on the fanpage‘s stats?!
page stats jan 20
26,830 people like the fanpage and 37,204 people follow it at the time of writing! What incredible growth in such a short amount of time! It really won’t be long before we reach 30K likes and 40K followers, will it? It’s dizzying to think about. It probably owes in part to the fanbase cooperating with the Blue Pie team and their viral initiatives, but of course would also have everything to do with just how much people love this talented man and his music! I mean, how could you not? His Spotify stats seem to indicate that most do, and that’s for a good reason – one you’ll see as soon as you hit play on any of these tracks!

And of course who could forget his number one hit? Not us. And with how much we gush about it to you guys, we’re pretty sure you couldn’t forget if you tried, either!

Each one of his tracks is a hit, each one a slapper in their own right, but in particular, Suga Boom Boom continues to draw them in by the thousands. That’s why it’s part of his nickname!

Sometimes you strike gold, which is exactly what happened with the catchy genius and heartfelt lyrics of Suga Boom Boom. Any addict or person who knows an addict will understand it. And we’re sure we can number every single one of the 26K people who have the fanpage liked among those who love the song, for whatever reason matters most to them! The sky’s the limit from here, DL fam. Let’s see where else we can take it… 30K likes and 40K follows just on the horizon now!

Maybe you, the reader, could help us take the page there? All you have to do is click here…

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