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On My Neck now On My Radio! Thanks to ipluggers!
23 Jan 2020

Jeffrey Pope is about to go global with a radio campaign for his song ” On My Neck”, from the album “Live It Up”!

The catchy track already has over 50,000 streams on Spotify, and another 100,000 streams on YouTube Red and Apple Music. Produced by Damien Reilly and Danny Saber with the song writing brilliance of Noble Taylor shining through this song, this is bound to be a Summer Club Banger!

This is due in no small part to ipluggers, who in mid February will be broadcasting this amazing track to 35000 stations worldwide! This is terribly exciting, because radio holds more musical sway in the modern era than one might expect – imagine doing your shopping or working out at the gym and you hear this playing! You might just keep an ear out for the name of the song once the station concludes playing it, and from there, it’s history… and in your playlists. A natural progression for an individual as passionate as Jeffrey!

Hailing from Newcastle, NSW Jeffrey Pope aka “Popey”, has music running through his veins. Back in 2010, Popey burst onto the Newcastle local pub music scene as a drummer for a number of local Newcastle bands. This intense live performance period help Popey to hone his song writing skills. In 2012 he had landed a recording and publishing agreement with Blue Pie Records. Fast forward now to 2020 and Popey is now following his dream to become a singer/songwriter. “Live it Up” and the eponymous “Jeffrey Pope” are Pope’s new albums, out now on Blue Pie Records’ partner label DJ Central Records.

If you just can’t get enough of “On My Neck”, this is everywhere you can find it!:
On My Neck (Colour)
On My Neck (B&W)
Live It Up

And if you just so happened to want a showcase on another track from the same album, check out this page on “All Night” by clicking here!

Jeffrey Pope is doing Australia proud, as are all other contributors to his amazing music! If you want to explore Popey’s world even more, we have the links you’re looking for. You know what they say – if you go looking for good music, you’ll certainly find it!


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