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Our hopes have come to pass! "Just Try Love Again" garners 10s of 1000s of plays in under a month!
01 Jul 2019

June 12 wasn’t really that long ago, all things considered. Now it’s July 1 and ALREADY “Just Try Love Again” has 18,077 plays on Spotify at the time of writing! Click here to see the last time we talked about it, or just have a listen below!

There was definitely a reason that STANDAARD listed “Just Try Love Again” as their artist’s choice on Spotify, and the numbers are showing it. As we said last time, this is infectious in the best way and will pull you onto the dancefloor! STANDAARD’s signature sound have managed to pull it off again! So while you’re trying love again, try this sweet Euro sound again at the same time! However, despite the nice things we’re saying, we do have a complaint- this song is so ridiculously catchy that this article writer found himself snapping along to it instead of doing his work! Very inconvenient.

This fresh and funky track is perfect for summertime, so soak it in before Autumn comes! It may still be a way around the corner, but the summer days tend to fly right on by with amazing songs like this. Be sure to appreciate every drop of this track while it’s hot! Well, we say that now. But we have a feeling it’ll become a classic and always be hot to a degree. It still has a way to go before it surpasses “De Zomer Is Van Ons” as STANDAARD’s most popular song- 18,007 plays vs 114,583 plays is an uphill battle! But don’t forget that as good as “De Zomer Is Van Ons” is, it dropped on Spotify in 2017, and “Just Try Love Again” only just dropped… well, a few weeks ago really! This race ain’t over just yet. But what do you think? Which is the better song, the current champion or the potential dark horse?

Or maybe you choose a different competitor? After all, STANDAARD’s Youtube is full of incredible tracks that could easily contend for the best in the running!

Whichever is your personal favourite, there’s one thing that’s for sure- both are amazing tracks for the summer, and they’re both staying in our playlists forever! Care to join us? It’s a party every day ever since we made this choice!

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