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Over 100 treasured performances! The LEGENDARY Barry Crocker's legacy!
30 Jul 2020

Barry Crocker is an Australian icon, known for appearing in a myriad of TV Show and Films. Whether you know him from Skippy or from the many Barry McKenzie outings, or perhaps from his appearances on the live stage or talk shows, the mythical man is now more relevant than ever to a new audience! A new audience who will experience the same pleasure the golden oldies did when they discover and sample his work! And that same pleasure is also ours – the pleasure we get from working alongside him and his music. Truly an honour.

His long and storied career has taken him to many places around the world, just as his image and infectious performer’s personality has been carried across the hearts of a global audience. He was one of the titans who helped put Australian productions on the map, alongside fellow titan Barry Humphries and others. From stage shows to advertisements to movies, Barry has done it all!

That’s just a slice of his vast experiences and work! Fans may also know him from his associations with the Geelong Cats. A sports lover, Barry composed the unofficial anthem for the team, and it’s stuck in the heads of many sports fans to this very day!

But even after that there’s plenty of stories to be told from this career. And as seen on his website,, we have a chronology of them right here! Here’s the complete list – you can see just how rich his career has been! A man of the world indeed!


Barry Crocker | Film & TV Show | Appearances and Credits | July 2020

  • 2012 – The Strange Calls (TV Mini-Series)
    Role: Gregor
    – Roots (2012)
    – Fish (2012)
    – Napoleon (2012)
    – Phantom (2012)
    – Jingle (2012)
    – First Call (2012)
  • 2011-2013 – Housos (TV Series)
    Role: Premier
    – Birthday (2011)
    – Uncle Doug (2011)
    – Foxtel (2011)
    – Thailand: Part Two (2011)
    – Thailand: Part One (2011)
    – Green Day (2011)
    – Melbourne (2011)
    – Pregnant (2011)
    – Disability (2011)
  • 2008-2011 – Swift and Shift Couriers (TV Series)
    Role: Reg Jones CEO
    – Wedding: Part Two (2011)
  • 2010-2016 – Magical Tales (TV Series)
    Role: Wirly Wizard / Whirly Wizard
    – Rain, Rain, Blow Away (2010)
    – Whirly Wizard (2010)




  • 2020 – Granada Reports (TV Series) (performer – 1 episode) (2020)
    1 April 2020: Evening Bulletin (2020) … (performer: “Neighbours” – uncredited)
  • 2019 – Good Morning Britain (TV Series) (performer – 1 episode)
    Episode dated 19 September 2019 (2019) … (performer: “Neighbours” – uncredited)
  •  2017 – I’m a Celebrity… Extra Camp (TV Series) (performer – 1 episode)
    – Episode #2.2 (2017) … (performer: “Neighbours” – uncredited)
  • 2015 – Neighbours 30th: The Stars Reunite (TV Movie documentary) (performer: “Neighbours’ – uncredited)
  • 2010-2011 – 20 to 1 (TV Series documentary) (performer – 3 episodes)
    – TV’s Funniest Neighbours (2011) … (performer: “Neighbours” – uncredited)
    – 80’s Good, Bad & Ugly (2010) … (performer: “Neighbours” – uncredited)
    – All Time Favourite TV Themes (2010) … (performer: “Neighbours”)
  • 2007 – Razzle Dazzle: A Journey Into Dance (performer: “Howzat”)
  • 2003 – Liquid Assets (TV Series documentary) (performer – 1 episode)
    – Kylie’s Millions (2003) … (performer: “Neighbours” – uncredited)
  • 1995 – Mushrooms (performer: “Sunset Serenade”)
  • 1992 – The Money or the Gun: Stairways to Heaven (Video) (performer: “Stairway to Heaven”)
  • 1974 – The Ernie Sigley Show (TV Series) (performer – 1 episode)
    – Episode dated 9 April 1974 (1974) … (performer: “Embraceable You”, “Autumn Leaves” (Les Feuilles Mortes))
  • 1973 – The Graham Kennedy Show (TV Series) (performer – 1 episode, 1973) (writer – 1 episode, 1973)
    – Episode dated 17 April 1973 (1973) … (performer: “The Good Old Bad Old Days”, “Where Have They Gone”, “Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer”, “Rock and roll medley: ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ / ‘Hound Dog’ / ‘Tutti Frutti’ / ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ / ‘(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear’ / ‘Little Darlin’ / ‘Only You’ / ‘Jailhouse Rock’ / ‘Shake, Rattle and Roll’ / ‘See You Later, Alligator’ / ‘Rock Around the Clock’ / ‘Your Mama Don’t Dance’ / ‘Johnny B. Goode’ / ‘Twilight Time’ / ‘You Need Hands’ / ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ reprise / ‘Bye Bye Love’ / ‘Great Balls of Fire’ / ‘Shake, Rattle and Roll’ reprise / ‘Rock Around the Clock’ reprise / ‘Razzle Dazzle’ “) / (writer: “Where Have They Gone”)
  • 1972 – The Adventures of Barry McKenzie (performer: “My One-eyed Trouser Snake”, “Old Pacific Sea”) / (writer: “When His Light Shines on Me”)



  • 2015-2018 – The Professor’s Scary Movie Show (TV Series)
    Role: Self
    – The Ape (On The Vortexx) (2018)
    – The Last Man on Earth (On The Vortexx) (2018)
    – The Ape (On The Eerie Late Night) (2017)
    – The Ape (2015)
    – The Last Man on Earth (2015)
  • 1997 – Century of Cinema (TV Series documentary)
    Role: Barry McKenzie
    – 40,000 years of dreaming (1997)





  • Neighbours (TV Series) (singer – 1,680 episodes) (1985-1992)
    – Episodes #1.1 through #1.1680 … (singer: theme song)

Bazza – The Adventures of Barry Crocker (2003)



But even then, there’s STILL more to say about Barry. Or perhaps singing it is a better option, given the circumstances? That’s right, it’s time for a Joker throwback again…

Don’t you love farce?

My fault, I fear

I thought that you’d want what I want-

Sorry my dear

But where are the clowns?

Quick, send in the clowns

Don’t bother they’re here

You may have seen Joker last year. It was one of the highest-grossing box office flicks of the year, and it was controversial and groundbreaking to say the least!

You may have heard several familiar tunes during the melancholy film, especially during the poignant and emotional points of the story. In particular, “Send In The Clowns” might have jumped out to you – and while the version featured in the film is Frank Sinatra’s and not Barry Crocker’s, it’s absolutely incredible to see the staying power of such a song! Some people are even mixing the versions up and think that the Barry Crocker version was the film version, as you can see from that video above. While that would have been amazing if it was the Barry Crocker version, Frank Sinatra and Barry Crocker were said to have been on chatting terms often. We wonder what Frank himself would have thought about all this! One thing’s for sure: this is an incredible song, Barry or Frank, and the fact that it’s stayed around to the point that it’s one of the focal points of the Joker soundtrack speaks for itself, really! And what it has to say is that the legacy of Barry Crocker is on par with legendary entertainer Sinatra himself.

But say that’s still not enough to sate your appetite for the good old days, we still have you covered! Just check out the rest of Bazza’s Spotify! Until next time, keep the crisp memories of yesteryear in your mind, and know that we can all be good neighbours and good friends in our recollection. We’ll be seeing Bazza’s work in our rose-tinted glasses once again very soon! And for those of you discovering him for the first time, whether it be through Joker or some other pop cultural milestone he was involved with… welcome. We hope you appreciate this modern legend as much as we do.

Barry Crocker is a Blue Pie Records USA artist. Barry is published by Blue Pie Records (APRA) and Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP)

Check out Barry’s website here!

Be sure to follow Bazza’s Twitter for all the latest updates!


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