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Sam Pollard goes Coast to Coast with the official WORLD OF DIFFERENCE TRAILER!
13 Mar 2023

Are you ready for the cinematic event of the year? The highly anticipated film “The World of Difference” is set to hit streaming platforms worldwide later this year, and the newly released trailer is already causing a stir!

Featuring the electrifying Southpaw classic rock song “Coast to Coast,” written by the dynamic duo Justin Gross and Damien Reilly, the trailer sets the tone for the epic adventure that awaits viewers. With heart-pumping beats and soaring guitars, the track perfectly captures the spirit of the film, which follows Sam Pollard on his incredible journey of self-discovery and triumph.

And with Pollard’s own real-life journey of biking “coast to coast” across Australia serving as inspiration, the trailer promises to deliver an authentic and unforgettable cinematic experience. So mark your calendars and prepare to be transported to a world of difference with this groundbreaking film. You won’t want to miss it! The date and streaming platforms are to be advised at this stage, so keep your eyes peeled and your bags packed ready for adventure.

The soundtrack to “A World of Difference” is an amazing work of art, showcasing the talents of some of Australia’s best musicians. The film is a testament to Sam Pollard’s spirit and determination. It is sure to inspire viewers to take on their own challenges and make a difference in the world.

Our partner company Planet Blue Pictures‘ vision is to inspire people of all ages to become healthier and fitter through the power of exercise, namely cycling. The film creators seek to create awareness of the benefits of cycling and educate people on maintaining a low-carbon footprint. For all the health-conscious travellers out there, this documentary aims to portray a new lifestyle and travel experience through cycling.

Cycling has become a global phenomenon with countries such as Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, China, Bangladesh and Japan making it a primary mode of transport. With Australia following in these footsteps, A World Of Difference truly embraces the nature of the sport and encourages its viewers to give it a go, and help care for our most important natural resource… this Blue Planet.


This is a heartwarming journey, and one that you’re sure not gonna wanna miss! Be sure to check out the full details at

And to find out more on the man behind the adventure, Sam Pollard’s online profiles are your one-stop shop! Sam Pollard is a Blue Pie Records USA artist. Sam is published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP).


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