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She's A Mod, She's Hot, and She's Got The Lot! A new vid from Dino Jag and Ray Columbus!
28 Jul 2020

The triple threat of Dino Jag, Ray Columbus and the Invaders, as well as Damien Reilly, have launched a new video for a classic hit! We would of course all remember the classic groovy hits from Dino and the gang in their previous outings. The various versions of She’s A Mod are all funky and dance worthy to say the very least! Released on Spotify in 2018, this EP fast became legendary.

Now, in a new and fantastic development, the last track on the EP is finally given a sexy music video!

Steamy, to say the least. And the blues-like guitar number mixed with the modern stings and filters, along with the harmonious backing vocals, all really make this track stand out… not just among the three on the EP, but among songs in general! “Feels so hot” is right! This takes us all the way back to the Mods and Rockers movement… it’s as if that movement took place in the 2010s! This aesthetic is unbeatable, even though it’s hypothetical. She knows she’s good, she feels so hot! And if you can’t get enough of her, we have what you need right here!

Dino Jag | Damien Reilly | She’s a Mod


Dino Jag vs Ray Columbus and the Invaders – She’s A Mod She’s Hot | Video links


Dino has produced a series of remix projects with Blue Pie’s Damien Reilly, including these sweet collabs on Ray’s work. Together these two greats have remixed one of New Zealands biggest selling physical singles of all time “Shes a Mod”, Rusty Andersons “Hurt Myself“, featuring Sir Paul McCartney on bass, backing vocals and guitars and Australia’s singing legend “Mr Barry Crocker” and his song “Shine a light”.

As Damien Reilly says: “Dino is one of the best artists that I have ever worked with. He is quick of the mark with his ideas are always overflowing with infectious melody”. You can surely see that this holds 100% true with this! Everything from the visuals of the video to the addictive flow of the track is reflective of that very statement.

Dino is gaining more and more worldwide recognition, and with names like this to his recording credits, already the world is at his feet. Download Dino Jag’s work now from your favourite platforms such as iTunes, or stream these great songs from Spotify!

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