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Soularflair jumping the Q on Youtube love!
06 Feb 2020

Stuck In The Q is proving to be one of Soularflair’s greatest successes! The series of albums is a compilation of sound cues designed for stage, screen, or game- any sort of creative work that needs a dynamic and unique electronic soundscape paired with its imagery! The Blue Pie team compiled the Stuck In The Q collection together into albums, in order to get them noticed by the general public, and the strategy worked like a charm- play numbers have surged on Youtube Red in particular, perhaps from budding film makers who wish to hear a popping sound that vibes with their vision. Ever since the albums were released last year, they’ve proven immensely popular across the video platform, and Soularflair AKA Adam has definitely been feeling the love! A passionate individual such as he understands what it takes to make good music and good video, after all…

That’s his work on the music video for Burning The Day’s “1601”, and his wealth of experience doesn’t end there – He also brought spice to the video of Danny Vash’s “Hard Life”!


But now here’s what you’ve all been waiting for. The chance to be transported and swept up in Soularflair’s latest unique musical venture – some sample volumes of Stuck In The Q that have been doing so well all across the web lately.

Volume 6 in particular seems to be doing quite well on Adam’s Spotify too… don’t forget to check there for the juiciest songs!

Let yourself be transported to Soularflair’s universe of soundscapes and atmospheres, and get lost in the world that Adam has created for you!


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