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Spread your wings and fly with Caitlin Reilly! "Birds" at The Kollective Byron Bay will set you free!
08 Mar 2021

Last time we talked about her, Caitlin Reilly had made it into the Herald, and this time she’s going stronger than ever!

birds the kollective caitlin reilly

“Birds” is an exhibition offering contemporary works by local artists for the Northern Rivers community and beyond! Byron Bay is going to be lit up with talent and passion from the 12th of March to the 26th of March, and our very own Caitlin Reilly will be showing off her art skills once again!

Far from just a singer, Caitlin is also highly skilled in visual art as can be seen clearly in her Light At The End Of The Road exhibit. So it’ll be very interesting to see where this theme of Birds will influence her work! “Restrictions breed creativity” as they say, so we’re keen to see how her work takes flight.

As Gallery 3’s organisational team says: “The bird’s flight has been a symbol of freedom to man since the dawn of time. During this recent period, when our movement has been restricted and our freedoms curtailed, it seems appropriate to return to this motif. This theme has been chosen as a gathering point for this group show, to allow us to transcend the physical restrictions on our freedom through community and collaboration.” Birds of a feather and all that, eh?

Speaking of Covid, the event follows Covidsafe regulations, and allows 20 people into the gallery space at a time. There are also outside areas to enjoy, should they need to enforce limits to the venue’s capacity. And indeed perhaps they will, given the list of stunning artists who are joining the exhibition alongside Caitlin!

birds lineup

We at Blue Pie would like to extend our congratulations on the success of Caitlin’s paintings! As talented an artist as she is a songwriter, she’s making her own way and giving us all cause to keep hoping. Caitlin is here to remind us that we can make life good in small ways, ways that remain in our control, even if a lot looks bad. Keep going down that road. There’s light to be found at the end of it yet. And this time, there may be a few feathery friends there to accompany you!

If you wanted more of this hopeful work, or perhaps wanted to check out Caitlin’s songwriting talents, be sure to check out her socials and website!




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