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STANDAARD making a huge impact! TOP 40 OF THE DUTCH CHARTS!
03 Jul 2019

Week 26 of the Dutch Dance Top 40 has just rolled around. And there’s something special to note about it!

standaard dutch top 40

See that? YEP! It’s “Just Try Love Again”! Just as we thought we were done gushing about it, oh no, its crazy growth that we mentioned just isn’t slowing down! We come back two days later and we find that it’s at number 40 this week! How about it, Dutch STANDAARD fans? Can we do better and creep up the list in the following weeks? We’ll keep our ears to the ground to find out! But even failing that, the song is certainly seeing a generous time in the spotlight- like we said last time, June 12 wasn’t really that long ago, all things considered. Then on July 1st, “Just Try Love Again” ALREADY had 18,077 plays on Spotify! So, it’s been two days since then. It can’t have grown by much since then, right…?

OH MAN OH MAN IT HAS 2K MORE PLAYS. 20,258 plays at the time of writing in just TWO DAYS! We weren’t kidding when we said it had fast growth, but even we are a little surprised at this! But it’s a delightful surprise to say the least, and shows that we probably have an excellent summer ahead of us in terms of music, as well as a hit that’ll go down in history.
Check out the playlist on Spotify!

dutch top 40 spotify


But there’s more to STANDAARD than their most recent success… check out their current champion in terms of overall plays!

Want something different to spice stuff up? That’s fine! After all, STANDAARD’s Youtube is full of incredible tracks that could easily contend for the best in the running!

It’s rare when you’re present to see the birth of a true viral success, when you’re present to see that crazy growth accelerating and accelerating… but we’re here for this. And it’s mindblowing, and a little touching! Keep watching the space of “Just Try Love Again”. We certainly will be, like hawks! Let’s see where this goes. Exciting stuff.
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