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Success after success! Suga Boom Boom passes 9 MILLION PLAYS!
20 May 2019

We said a couple days ago that DL Down3r’s Suga Boom Boom was just shy of 9 million plays on Spotify… and it’s finally happened. That threshold has been crossed and we made it! Just like we said, it was just a matter of time really, and it turns out we were right- it’s not exactly a surprise that the number one song for the Swedish spotify charts is this popular, but it’s welcome nonetheless!

And of course, it’s also not a surprise that Down3r’s most popular song is making waves like this, given that one of his lesser known songs made it into a movie soundtrack along with some bangin’ Miracle West Entertainment beats, but like we said, it’s absolutely welcome! The honour that is an artist’s music making it this far and going this insanely viral on Spotify is something unparalleled- a sign that Down3r truly produces verifiable quality, and that he struck gold on the day when he made the acapella version by knocking a beat on his fridge!

That’s a classic throwback for many of you Down3r fans, we’re sure. And it is for us as well! The moment that an artist discovers their successful formula is an occasion that is worth preserving for all eternity, as is the evolution of that formula over time- with that being said, let’s drop by far the most viral Suga Boom Boom video out there and celebrate its existence and what it means in hip hop history! And would you believe this video is still not as viral on youtube as the Spotify song is?! Completely incredible.


But let’s cut to the chase and get to what you’ve all been waiting for. The song that’s making waves in Sweden and on Spotify in general… The main Suga Boom Boom that you all know and love!

Just what you wanted right? It’d be what any fan wants, it truly is Down3r’s best song. One of the catchiest ever made, and these numbers and successes prove it. Suga Boom Boom may be about chasing dragons, but chasing success is definitely something it’s truly skilled at!
Check out DL Down3r at the following official links:

And check out DL’s cover of River!

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