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Suga Boom Boom exceeds 20 MILLION combined plays!
11 Oct 2019

Ain’t that just a beautiful sight, DL fam? While we’re all pretty excited about DL’s new single Moon Rocks, it’s still nice to go back to the classics. And if there’s a word one could use to describe Suga Boom Boom and its sequel, Suga Boom Boom Pt 2, it would most definitely be classic.

Catchy right? And to anyone who has suffered addiction or knows someone who has, maybe it’ll hit a bit closer to home than the catchy beat. It’s that emotion in the song that keeps the Down3r fam together. And those Spotify numbers are living proof! When combined with all the versions of Suga Boom Boom on Spotify and across the internet, it knocks the 20M milestone clear out of the park! People just love this viral hit, and for good reason.

We did it, Down3r fam! But I wonder… could the same be done for Moon Rocks…?

Yeah, it’s pretty plain and obvious to see, but we’ll say it anyway. This new single is a blapper! We’re sure that Down3r fans worldwide will appreciate the love, since they’ve been clamouring for a new single since No L’s, the poor things! Well, you got it now. So settle in, kick back, and chill to the latest hip hop masterpiece from Mr. Suga Boom Boom, Young Quicks, Bigg Cixx, and the rest of the team who put this together. Sounds like a fun night!

Check out DL Down3r at the following official links:

And we hear there might be chance of a Down3r show in December, and the possibility of tickets being given away… but you didn’t hear that from us, fam.

What a milestone! Keep bumping Suga Boom Boom and let’s see how much further it can go!

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