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Sunsiren does it again! Hula dancing to DL Down3r's "You Ain't My Homie"!
09 Mar 2019

Who remembers Sunsiren’s last outing into the musical territory of Down3r?! We bet that it left an impact on at least a few of you with how graceful and awesome it really was. Last time the Canadian hula hoop dancer danced to DL Down3r’s cover of “River” by Ed Sheeran and Eminem, and now she’s bringing the heat to “You Ain’t My Homie”, which is available now on Spotify! Check out her skills below!


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life has been a crazy ride it’s been hectic but it has been so enjoyable every step of the way new things have been coming up just moving my stumbling Stones in place and turning them into building blocks. There will be ups and downs in life and I’m really thankful to have all of you with me during my journey as I go through them all ❤️✌️ what are you doing this Thursday and making new playlist for various Hulahoop classes. P.s Loving my duckface halfway through Music🎶You ain’t my homie- @dldown3r #sugaboomboomfamily #SugaBoomBoomTribute 1/2 taped moonbeam pollypro hoop From @radiant_hoops Discount code SUNSIREN10 for money off #sponsoredhulahooper #hoops #hoopersofinstagram #hulahooping #hulahoopflow #dancingwithcircles #music #myjam

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Sunsiren has been going all out lately with her talent, so much so that we decided to add a third hashtag to our Down3r themed hashtags- #SugaBoomBoomTribute! Be sure to click HERE to discover how those three hashtags could get YOU on season 6 of DJ Central! If you have a creative expression for something Down3r has done, or have something to say about his work, or want to cover the work itself with your unique flow, be sure to check it out- it’s right up your alley!


Sunsiren is currently leading the pack in terms of creative contributions to the hashtag movements and we just had to showcase her again. You want in?! Send us your content with those hashtags! Her dancing is graceful and stylish, and we’re sure there’s plenty of other talent out there just waiting to be seen. Rise to the challenge like she has!

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