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The Chillmaster returning with something special!
26 Oct 2019

You may have heard about the relaxing style of Dale Nougher’s music as the Chillmaster before. A lot of his stuff is electronic, like the excellent Coral Symphonies from Reef Magic.

And indeed, Coral Symphonies still sees success in “chill” compilations of songs from many artists on Youtube! Such videos are becoming ever more popular with the busy, stressful world we live in.

But not all his work is the same kind of electronica relaxation! Here’s an album from 2015 with the smoothest, chillest jazzy piano you’re ever gonna hear!

Oof, I wanna snap my fingers to it but I can’t get the strength up even for that, I’m too relaxed. All I can do is kick back and take in the classy atmosphere. And speaking of classy, Dale just recently released an album of pure piano! Just what the doctor ordered. So of course, we had to write this article up in honour of the new release! Here it is, finally out and ready!

Nougher has stated before that those close to him have often asked him about when exactly he’d be dropping a non-electronic piano album after all these years in the biz, and it turns out that it’s finally time! We’re forever glad that he’s been making music for all these years, as passionate work like his truly deserves to be celebrated. Now go forth and relax. This secret comfy corner of Spotify beckons you.


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