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The Creative Team are going into overdrive! Planet Blue Pictures spreading their wings!
27 Apr 2022

Last time, we said “Bravo” to the efforts of the Sync Creative Team, as they put their best foot forward to try and get Bravo’s attention. But they haven’t stopped there, not by a long shot! Just check out all the sweet stuff they’ve been creating!

These guerilla style commercials slice up footage and pair it with our music to pitch it overseas, and they’ve been working so far! Avery, Liam and Anthony have all been doing amazing work with these, and they’re currently being promoted by social media team around world. Best of all, there’s plenty more to come yet!

You get the idea when you watch these. We’re hoping they’ll turn some heads if some company reps happen to see them… or even anyone looking for sync pitches for their product, whatever it may be! We have way more than these available on the Planet Blue Pictures youtube channel too. So check them out and see if you vibe with them, maybe we can work something out and get the ball rolling!

It’s a great effort that the license team have been giving as they’ve been pounding out all of this, and it’s awesome that the creative team is doing all these pitches. We extend our special thanks to them, and we’re very excited that all this is going so well! Keep it up, gang, and we’ll be keeping a very close eye on where all this will be going to next – next stop, the moon!

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