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The Key Crashers' fanbase LOVE the Suga Boom Boom remixes!
30 Apr 2020

The Key Crashers, when we last covered them, were enjoying the fans’ reception of their Suga Boom Boom remixes! With tens of thousands of plays since the recent release across multiple platforms, as well as direct fan tributes in the form of #StayHome video clips, even in this dire pandemic, KC have something to smile about. We’re glad to report today that this hasn’t slowed down one bit, especially in terms of fan tributes! Check these out!

Well fans, the Key Crashers loved these tributes, and so did we! That’s why we did our part in distributing them everywhere that we could… while giving credit to the creators, of course!



There are a few good things that come out of these bleak times, and some of them include the ingenuity and supportiveness of communities such as these. We can see that clearly in creative tributes such as the dance videos, or in the videos encouraging each other to stay home. A simple, yet difficult, solution to the perils we now face – the difficulty lessened, in part, by the support we give each other. The Key Crashers have spread this message of support and optimism on their social media by piecing together and republishing these fan tributes, and the fans have contributed wholly to it without even realising the grander purpose at play – after all, they were just doing what they do best: caring for one another, and the music that unites them. If that ain’t wholesome we dunno what is!

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