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The Key Crashers have a dream! And their Spotify is close to achieving it!
01 May 2020

The Key Crashers continue to feel the love! Last time, we reported on how their fanbase were contributing towards the success of their Suga Boom Boom remixes. That was mostly through video tributes that the fans made. But this time is a little different, a bit more conventional, but still important! We’re talking Spotify counts, baby! But not only that, we’re talking Spotify goals for the future, too…

KC have been able to get their remix and its extended version into 127 Spotify Users’ Playlists. These aren’t celebrities or anything, but just the average person – showing Suga Boom Boom’s appeal to the masses! The Key Crashers have also been working one month doing a daily promotion, trying to pitch the release as much as they can. They’ve reached 80,000 streams at Spotify, and they hope to reach 100K soon! In that case, they’ll do a “goal” post on their social media platforms once this target is reached. And we’ve been doing our best to help out with some tributes of our own, like this video! More on that and our Tik Tok account later…

@bluepierecords##suggaboomboom#suggaboomboom#suggaboomboom the Key Crashers remix! Original animation by RandoWis on Youtube!♬ original sound – PlanetBluePictures

The Key Crashers declaring they’ve hit their goal is definitely something to look forward to, yes, most definitely! And it’s readers like you who’ve contributed to that. Give yourselves a pat on the back – while passion for good music is definitely something fluid and too vague for numbers to fully capture it, it’s nice to see the love everyone has for these track be reflected at least somewhat in these playcounts! Let’s keep the ball rolling, fam! Up and up and up!

But that’s not all – be sure to check out this article for a refresher on just how many different ways KC and Down3r’s fans are contributing towards the Suga Boom Boom remixes!

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