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The Rocky Horror... Slimey Show? Meet The Slimey Things!
06 Jul 2019

Something incredible comes to us from past the stars, originating from planet Thaldor! It isn’t Shantel from planet Paprika, it isn’t a sweet transvestite from transexual Transylvania, it isn’t even a mean green mother from outer space-  it’s the Slimey Things! The hottest Australian sci-fi band that was ever out there!

Straight from the distant future of the year of 2001, Slimey Things were sent from their home planet to study Earth-human sexual activity and breakfast cereals. Disguised as typical Earth pop music entities (although their research was somewhat less than accurate), SLIMEY THINGS created music which will astound you, amaze you and most importantly, alter the frequency of your alpha brain waves! The only way to believe the truth of their bizarre extraterrestrial activities is to step into their tractor beam and view the forbidden knowledge of the Star Gate for yourself!

Their song from that very album, “Help I’m in the 80’s”, is now on high rotation across the US College Radio Networks! Congrats to our alien overlords- their great song is making a huge splash even after the group disbanded to conquer Saturn! Their unearthly sound is and energetic blend of catchy pop, futuristic 80s rock, sci-fi movie soundtrack music and zany cartoon sound effects. Unearthed by enigmatic front man and composer Nick Soole, SLIMEY THINGS have received much acclaim as one of the most unique and important acts to emerge from Sydney, and even past the duration of their act, they have left a mark on music forever! Or maybe a crop circle on music? Thanks to for the placement and the Blue Pie Sync Team for making the rotation on US College Radio Networks possible! After all, contribution to a noble musical cause like that is crucial- the comedic tones of their songs blend perfectly with their zany style and their mixed genres. It’s never an inappropriate matchup with them. That’s the mark of true skill- but that’s what you get when you have an alien empire’s advanced tech to enhance your music creation, I guess. We don’t have amazing stuff like that, but we do have a new website for them which you should check out to propel yourself into the 21st Century!

You also can’t beat their funky and impressive music videos to go along with their crazy and talented music! That’s the classic Thaldor hospitality. Why not go show some hospitality to the rest of their catalogue? It’s available on Spotify and all other human major retailers. And if you really need more data about the singers from beyond the stars, and the many adventures they had in their prime, check out these official links!



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