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The Spirit of Amoresque - A Story From the Life of Ray Vanderby!
05 Jun 2020

We chatted with one of our musical veterans recently about one of his albums that he deemed noteworthy – it’s Ray Vanderby of Corrugated Iron, reminiscing on his jazz days with Amoresque!

“I started performing Cabaret/Show songs on the Hammond organ at age 12, I’m now 66. I’ve recorded albums in the Modern jazz, World music, Blues, Rock, Pop genres.” Says Vanderby. “The most credible work I have done is the original modern jazz album Amoresque. The album was entirely composed by me, by ear. I’m a self taught pianist, I’ve never had a piano lesson and I can’t read music. I wrote chord charts for the guys in the band all by ear and we rehearsed the tracks up prior to recording.” To have such mastery over the craft without being literate in sheet music puts us in mind of the deaf Beethoven!

Ray gave us further insight into the creation of this milestone album. “I contacted one of the best jazz engineers in the country, Ross A’Hern, to record the album.” Click these links for some further info on him: and

“Ross recommended Paul Byrant to master the album – Byrant is also one of the best.” We have the scoop on him too if you click here:

Vanderby continues to express his appreciation for the work. “The inside cover of the album also contains liner notes by legendary jazz pianist Mike Nock, who I became friends with.”

For more info on Mr. Nock, we have you covered with these two links: and

“The 10 tracks on the album were all filmed into short films, plus a trailer, the Amoresque project.” Vanderby explains. “All of these can be found in the video gallery of my Facebook page.”

Vanderby’s passion, and the passion of his cohorts, coalesces in this album, and this is clear to see. “Amoresque” is a term derived from the French word for love, “Amor”, and this rings very true in the love that was put into this classic jazz album.

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