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The Suga Boom Boom challenge is popping off on Latin American Tik Tok!
10 Mar 2021

Remember the #TikTikTikBoomBoom hashtag? On Tik Tok and Instagram, people were sending in special videos left and right set to both the original Suga Boom Boom and the special Key Crashers remixes! There were cosplay videos left and right, and plenty of cursed skits and dressing up that we did ourselves… but now, it’s time for a different success story in a similar vein to see the limelight. Ready for the latest Down3r hashtag? We got #SBBchallenge going hot!


@bluepielatamNew challenge #SBBchallnge are you in? #sugaboomboom #challange #dldown3r #dance @juusvweet Just join the challenge 💥♬ sonido original – BluePieLatam

@bluepielatam New challenge #SBBchallenge are you in? #sugaboomboom #challenge #dldown3r #dance ♬ sonido original – BluePieLatam

@bluepielatamARE YOU IN?💥 #SBBchallenge #sugaboomboom #challenge #dldown3r @therealsugaboomboom #fyp

♬ sonido original – BluePieLatam

@bluepielatam Suga Boom Boom Pt 1💥 Join our dance challenge @therealsugaboomboom #sugaboomboom #sugaboomboomchasingdragon #challenges_tiktok #dance #fyp #bluepie ♬ sonido original – BluePieLatam

@bluepielatamSuga Boom Boom Pt 2💥 Join our dance challenge@therealsugaboomboom #sugaboomboom #sugaboomboomchasingdragon #challenges_tiktok #dance #fyp #bluepie

♬ sonido original – BluePieLatam

And if you wanna see the links to those vids themselves, here ya go!

Just check out those excellent dance skills! Across the board you can tell that this song has really grabbed ’em!

The Blue Pie Latin America team has been working hard creating and amassing this content on their Tik Tok page, which you can check out here!

This new challenge is taking off with some decent traction, amassing views and new contributions day by day. It’s the perfect way to get your feet wet Tik Toking for the first time, or even a chance for seasoned veterans to strut their stuff! Make Latin America proud… but don’t forget along the way that it’s one of the best ways to support Down3r and his work!

If you love Down3r as an artist or think that his flagship hit Suga Boom Boom is even a little bit catchy, then why not get out of your comfort zone and upload something to Tik Tok set to Suga Boom Boom! Can be anything, although of course the most popular is dance. What do you say? Up to the challenge? Feel free to send them our way for a chance to be featured on our Tik Tok accounts and beyond!

Until then, keep vibing to Suga Boom Boom and the rest of Down3r’s hits, and we’ll see you on the video platform of your choice! The Latin American team are hitting the ground running… their work will be popping up everywhere before you know it.

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