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200k for the KC! Key Crashers remixes of Suga Boom Boom are crashing Spotify's walls down!
05 Nov 2020

Really, it wasn’t that long ago that this was at 150k was it? The start of October? So in around a month’s time, the Suga Boom Boom remixes by the Key Crashers are really blossoming. Hundreds of plays daily, thousands of plays weekly, tens of thousands monthly, these are numbers that you can’t help but be optimistic about! Rejuvenating Down3r’s classic banger in the littest way possible, these club remixes breathe the new and electric life of EDM into the smooth and sultry hip hop style of the original, creating a slick take on a classic that puts us in mind of the rave giants like The Prodigy or The Chemical Brothers. But it isn’t quite them, because it’s more unique – it’s 100% the Key Crashers’ own style, with just a hint of a Down3r infusion. It’s the one and only signature song of Mr DL himself – Suga Boom Boom, given a new and catchy twist! Give it a listen and become one of the members of the 200k Spotify club! Let’s change that 200 into a 300 by 2021, everyone!

This EP has exactly what you need, no matter what kind of KC fan you are, or whether you’re just dipping your toes in for the first time. It’s short, but it’s also robust and packed with great beats, both extended and normal!

What with the crazy videos that KC’s tracks have been spawning lately, along with the sick cosplay vids and the awesome dance routines, and of course the amazing other fan contributions we’ve been receiving, it’s no wonder that KC are on the minds of music fans all over the world. We couldn’t be happier to join in with that! KC on the brain daily! That’s why we’ve been pushing the #TikTikTikBoomBoom and #SugaBoomBoomKC twin movements as hard as we can… and look how it’s paid off, not only in Spotify plays, but in all the wonderful videos that have been created as a result! Perhaps the Halloween craze and a certain Wednesday Addams throwback cosplayer helped via Tik Tok too… I mean, check out the view count on both of these! And ANOTHER one will drop tomorrow! It’s KC and Suga Boom Boom Tik Tok madness! Plus it’s pretty spooky. We’re not too late for spooky season, right?

Happy ##halloween ! Here's a tribute to the key crashers ##sugaboomboomkc ##addamsfamily vid: ##tiktiktikboomboom ##fyp ##cosplay

♬ original sound – PlanetBluePictures

In any case, IF YOU WANT TO SEND US YOUR VIDEOS FOR A CHANCE TO BE FEATURED ON OUR TIK TOK AND INSTAGRAM, then send us what you got! We’re waiting eagerly!

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 But until next time, keep booming out to Suga Boom Boom – hundreds of thousands of happy fans couldn’t be wrong!

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