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THEY DID IT! The Naked Truth WINS!
24 Oct 2019

The Naked Truth band has been named the WINNER of The Black I Am Awards’ “Power & Entertainment” award! As the iconic first black punk band to break out of the USA, we couldn’t agree more with this choice for such a prestigious band! Managed by Bernie Rhodes behind the fame of “The Clash” and the “Sex Pistols”, The Naked Truth are a worthy recipient!

naked truth black i am award

To be called Legendary Entertainers is a high echelon indeed, but give this a watch and see if you agree!

Pretty sick. This legendary group is worthy of its status in terms of talent, no joke. The award event was held on October the 13th. Check here for details on that if you’re curious.


naked truth wins

What a slick looking trophy! And to be honest, seeing this success is pretty touching. To know the anger and inspiration that went into The Naked Truth’s creative journey and musical niche leads to this kind of success is proof that this world has good in it still. And of course, the amazing music that one can find in this world of ours is definitely proof of that also!

It’s clear to see that Atlanta has one hell of a punk scene that they can be proud of! They couldn’t have chosen a better nominee in our opinion. Big props and special thanks to The Black I Am Awards!

Here’s a preview of the kind of tracks that earned The Naked Truth this coveted recognition!

Chillingly good songs that you can easily bang your head to. Beyond that, check out their social media and official links below, and bring back the good old angry days of 90s metal! Or drop them an email if you want their excellent presence for any gigs you’re planning. Until then… this is an auspicious day in metal history and it’s time we all took a moment to soak it in. So play your music loud, bang your head until your neck aches, and get lost in the punk thrashing of this excellent group of talented performers!

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