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We are confirmed! Blue Pie radio blasting the Southern Highlands on Saturday nights!
01 Jul 2021

There have been rumblings in the past about us being live on local radio… Well now it’s finally set in motion, and Saturday nights from 10-12 is gonna be real spicy! If you read our content regularly, you’d recall the journey that MCs Mighty and Pyrite underwent, featuring on 100% Home-Grown for about a month and a half. 100% Home-Grown is the one-stop Aussie indie shop for 107.1’s Thursday Night lineup. The pair were given an opportunity to share a great many hits from both Blue Pie and DJ Central catalogues, while also training on how to produce their own show. The boys recorded their own episodes, and after a few tweaks and admin work, they brought on Gabe Rizza, the mastermind behind the remixes of Key Loch’s cover of Frozen by Madonna!

Also renowned for his work on restoring iconic master hits from the past such as Running Blue, Gabe has taken a new spin to the radio show, and now is the time to blast Blue Pie and DJ Central across the highlands as a result! Yes, Blue Pie Radio is coming your way very shortly, Southern Highlands! Playing hits from both the Blue Pie and DJ Central catalogues, we’re aiming to please with both music and interviews from our artists. Don’t forget: 10-12, Saturday nights, 107.1, Highland FM local community radio. But if you’re not local to the area, it’s okay – we’re also going to be turning the recordings we make into online podcasts for the world to enjoy via Mixcloud and Audiomack! Have a few previews of the sorta tracks that we’ll be playing… Soak it in, it’s coming your way and it’s gonna be blissful!

With the likes of Key Loch, Dino Jag, Barry Crocker, Key Crashers, Michael Jameson, Andrea Marr, Missy Crissy, B-Bless, Southpaw, JAY.Young, Zya Mou, Dave Evans, Eedris Abdulkareem, Threshing Ground, Bon Scott, Ray Vanderby, Caitlin Reilly, Suzanna Lubrano, Rusty Anderson, SlimeyThings, Didge On Fire, and of course DL Down3r and LadyDice, the airwaves will be on fire! We have interviews as well as sweet musical hits ready for you, and the MCs will also step in occasionally to offer their thoughts and perspectives on the music – after all, they work very closely with it, so they’d know a thing or two! MCs Pyrite and Mighty and of course Gabe Rizza are sure to have some interesting tidbits to share!

All different genres cross over for an eclectic night of musical magic: the Blue Pie in the sky will beam down all kinds of bangers and interviews with artists and people in the music industry who you’ll love to discover. Blue Pie brings all manner of acoustic and rock tracks among some other spicy stuff, while the essential DJ Central has hip hop and EDM covered. So tune in to 107.1 and check out our Audiomack and Mixcloud profiles to have a listen to Pyrite and Mighty presenting the favourite music you didn’t even know you had yet!

If you want to see what else is on store at this excellent radio station, we have you covered – the schedule is easy to navigate!

And of course, the website is here to fill you in on every detail you could ever want!

Remember, Southern Highlands – the radio hosts at 107.1 are all VOLUNTEERS, WORKING FOR THE LOVE OF MUSIC! Bump this station loud and support the magnificent work they do out of the passion in their hearts! That’s why the radio waves in the Highland FM logo form a heart… because that’s what everyone involved with these projects puts into them every single day! We’re proud to sponsor this excellent service, and we’re honoured to have been featured so frequently before our own show has even been established. It’s great to finally get it out the door more or less! The world of the Southern Highlands is about to be rocked to the core by this killer trio!

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