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We told you he had stuff in the works! Ray Vanderby is BACK with Hammond Dance Au Go Go!
03 Sep 2020

We told you dear readers before that Ray Vanderby’s return was on the horizon, with his latest band Corrugated Iron. While we all expected that with excitement, what truly floored us and got us all hyped up was something all new, straight from Ray himself!

That’s right, while we were waiting on Corrugated Iron’s new release, Ray surprises us with a unique release of his very own! Get ready because he’s ready to show off his jazz experience with some of this graphic SAXual content! 😉 Smooth and catchy, perfect for any chill lounge needs you want, this will bring a touch of smooth jazz to anyplace you need it! With power like that, it’s a good thing that the track is so widespread… we’ve already distributed it to all the networks that we possibly can!

Ray Vanderby is an experienced name in the music industry across its many genres. Throughout time he’s established himself as a true veteran, and if you’re unlucky enough to have not have heard of him, take it as a glass-half-full deal – you’re now extra lucky for having discovered him!

No matter where you choose to peruse Ray’s content, it’ll be here for you, crisp and fresh, whether he’s tinkering with a modern or nostalgic style! Both can be pulled off with aplomb – for classic throwbacks like Hammond Dance Au Go Go, you really feel like it’s a song you loved to listen to many years ago! And for the rest of his catalogue, whether it be modern rock or whatever else gets you grooving, Ray nails the modern feel too! He’s truly versatile, as you can imagine he would be with the wealth of experience that he possesses!

Ray Vanderby – Hammond Dance Au Go Go from Planet Blue Pictures USA on Vimeo.

Ray’s collaborations with multiple prominent artists across an eclectic range of styles demonstrates his commitment to Australian music. And nothing reflects this better than the culmination of his experience – Corrugated Iron is the result of all his experience, and the experience of his fellow members, and the conclusions it has led them to. So it’s little wonder that it’s our personal favourite pick out of all his musical adventures to date – though who knows what tomorrow may bring? It’s certainly clear to see that even standing alone, he’s just as strong! There’s plenty on the horizon yet for this ambitious artist.


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