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Who's ready for some epic heavy metal with Burning The Day's "1601" music video?!
15 Jul 2019

You remember back when we talked about the music video for Danny Vash’s “Hard Life”? The same guy who made that music video, Soularflair, has made one for Burning The Day’s amazing hit, “1601”!

That bridge is one of the catchiest things you’ll hear in progressive metal songs, and the erratic and creative imagery of Soularflair’s vision really hammers the whole thing home! This is a lowkey classic among metalheads, and has been since its release in 2007, so it’s great to finally see it with such a worthy music video like this to go along with it! On our very own Youtube channel, no less!

You can hear the sounds of the aggressively edgy mid 2000s just as crisp as they ever were back in the day in this track. The vocals have that masterful and harsh growl throughout them and the guitar has that amazing thrashing 2000s style to it. What we have here is an underrated classic! Hopefully with this new music video it’ll get another shot at the exposure it deserves- but it’s not like it’s completely off the radar, far from it! Burning The Day are a beloved cult classic machine, and if you haven’t heard of them before this article, hopefully this can help you see why!

This is the album in which “1601” debuted, “Dawn Of Thorns”. It’s filled with plenty of other heavy metal and rock classics just waiting to be explored! And their catalogue hardly ends there- these guys are still kicking and burning away!

Will you be the next intrepid metalhead to explore the cult classics that the world needs more of? We’ll leave it to you!







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