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Yet more strange transmissions from Cadillac Bill! What could these mean?
25 Oct 2019

So Area 51 went nowhere, meaning that Cadillac Bill probably wiped everyone’s memories. Or some other such contrived nonsense. But due to this, uh… the spacetime… fluxuation thing was disrupted, and the… the, hemispheres are all out of whack, yeah that’s it. So we’re picking up some more fuel for the conspiracy fire. I guess. I don’t even know. Look, do you want aliens and furniture smashing in your commercials or not? Because the Planet Blue Pictures team made some of that because they really wanted to break some stuff. And Allen the alien wanted a cameo in something they were doing and was being really whiny when everyone said no so we had to include him too. So yeah have this. Congratulations, Allen. You have wielded peer pressure as a weapon- a weapon more dense than your sense of accountability and social understanding. God.

Of course, the Planet Blue Pictures team worked hard on these great works (except for ALLEN) and they also are great troopers, seeing as they took me off the streets and hired me when my only resume accreditations were “sand farmer” and “blight upon humanity”. So they clearly know what they’re doing, and were the best pick for the job of promoting this show. As you can see, this is a bizarre world full of strange happenings and dry humour, from which few have ever returned. The Cadillac Bill Show is sure to scratch that itch for a weird variety hour, examining the strangest inhabitants of Hamilton, Canada, that Bill can find. And The Creeping Bent, Bill’s band, is equally outlandish and magnificent.

Show Cadillac Bill and The Creeping Bent your support by checking out some of their quality content. Then maybe we can use the revenue to kick Allen out of the office and be able to afford someone better. Someone who DOESN’T eat all the snacks.

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