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Zya Mou is soaring to new heights on radio airplay!
01 Oct 2020

39K fans following Zya through Radio Airplay and Facebook! That’s what you call a milestone! Zya Mou’s fans, some new, some who have been around since before her Olympic Games ceremony debut, all of them are shaking the ground the world over! No doubt they all love her just as much as we do, and it’s hard to blame them when her C-Pop tunes are this good.

The high energy EDM on display here is indicative of the C-Pop genre’s quality, and Zya is sitting squarely on the genre’s peak. This can be seen especially in some of Zya’s most well-known hits, like Shake The Ground. That’s the hit we’re most excited about today – it’s by far and away her most popular song right now, and the hype for this banger is driving this thousands-strong movement! Go Zya! Your Zya stans are here for you!

With Zya experiencing so much raving support from China already, we’d like to extend our congratulations to her! It’s so good to see Shake The Ground finally shaking the ground in this impressive a manner! And the ground shaking is millions of potential fans waiting to hear the new and fashionable sensation- so come with us to listen to Zya singing her heart out!

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