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An album track first, now a single! J. Young's CADILLAC!
16 / 11 / 2021

Three Sixty was a true revolution for J. Young AKA JAY. Young. For the first time, all of his hits were conveniently gathered in one place, ready to jam to, ready for appreciation of fans new and old! Sexy Dress, Oxygen, She’s A Thrilla, and other amazing classics are all ready to get stuck in your head… and some new tracks were also on the table! The buildups and drops are just the kind we like in tracks like these- none of them within this collection overstay their welcome. Three Sixty is perfect for letting yourself go, getting into it, and just dancing everything away! A runaway success no matter how you look at it.

But just what is it that’s on offer here? With every artist, there’s one track that put them on the map forever, and for J. Young, “Oxygen” was that landmark! It’s lucky then that this album features “Oxygen” of course, but also has some extra remixes to help spice up the original! Featuring J. Young’s other iconic hits such as “Sexy Dress” and “She’s A Thrilla”, as well as remixes of these excellent songs, this EP has something for all tastes and is sure to offer you the tropical experience you’ve been craving… but there’s ONE PARTICULAR STANDOUT TRACK that really gets our motors running. That track, of course, is Cadillac.

This is an easygoing synth poppy track with the funky guitars we’ve all come to expect from J. Young. This track stood out so much that it’s now a standalone single, not just a track among many on Three Sixty!

The sexy and sunny lyrics are perfect for playing while you cruise around in your ride, whether it be a Cadillac or not… although having a convertible roof would definitely help, as this is a “wind in your hair” kind of vibe. It’s a classy song, well worthy of being made into a single, and is as chill as an air con on a summer day. So blast that AC and blast those speakers, because Cadillac is the latest demonstration of J. Young’s incredible talent that we’ll be remembering for years to come! Be sure to add it to your dance and club playlists for a fresh musical take by J Young whenever you need it. What are you waiting for?! We know you feel that rhythm pulling you to dance. Why deny it?!

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