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Three Sixty by J.Young will have you spinning!
11 Jun 2019

J Young’s hits are finally all in one place! He usually throws out amazing single after amazing single, but this time he’s created an album full of his best work! Who could forget smash hits such as Oxygen?!

Or his collaboration with After 5, “Lit”, which we’ve had the pleasure of covering extensively in the past.

But this time, they’re all here in one place! Sexy Dress, She’s A Thrilla, and other amazing classics are all ready to get stuck in your head. Take it away!

The buildups and drops are just the kind we like in songs like these- none of them overstay their welcome. Three Sixty is perfect for letting yourself go, getting into it, and just dancing everything away! As of now, the album is available on all major retailers, and is criminally underrated on Spotify in particular! Be sure to add it to your dance and club playlists for a fresh musical take by J Young whenever you need it. What are you waiting for?! We know you feel that rhythm pulling you to dance. Why deny it?!

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