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Break out the brass and throw back to the golden ages! I LOVE BIG BANDS!
16 / 08 / 2021

Last week we gushed about the jazz talent on offer within our jazz compilation series, “I Love Jazz Music”! And this time, we have even more sweet brass tracks that’ll send you back to the infancy of the 1910s, the carefree roaring 20s, and the popular period where big band music really dominated: the 30s and 40s! It’s 2021, we’re in the new 20s of the future, so we might as well act like it: and there’s no better way to get started with that than with this new compilation series, I LOVE BIG BANDS!

Just like with the past compilations, these album covers were as always designed by our in-house design & admin specialist Sara Cornish, and one thing’s for sure, they put us in the mood to “sing, sing, sing”! Across all 20 volumes of this series are snapshots of various performers doing what they love best, and they put us in mind of the passion that goes into productions like Big Band style music. It’s about community and a celebration of good times, and we’re chuffed to see that come across in this selection of representative photos for the album art! Sara has been working very hard on these artworks, and they’re all a treat in their own unique ways.

What we’ve shown you is just a fraction of what’s out there in this series – yes, there are 20 volumes featuring the biggest, brassiest bands we have on our entire catalogue, with whole new oases of talent to discover! That’s what’s great about these compilations – they really let you expand your collection how YOU see fit. We’re hoping you’ll love these new and fresh favourites from these excellent big band selections – bring back the roaring 20s and beyond in defiance of how rotten the decade has been so far! All 20 volumes hold new hope for the new 20s. We can make the 2020s a better time to remember by engaging in small improvements of everyday life. And there’s no better backdrop music for that pursuit than some jolly big band brass!

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