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Cammen has some incredible new releases for 2021!
19 / 11 / 2021

Cammen’s 2020 single known as 1988 featured sweet beats, killer sax, and emotional vocals. It’s the last track of his that we checked out, and was part of a huge series of releases for 2020! Well, Cammen knows the grind well, because since then, he just hasn’t stopped! There’s a ton of new releases under his belt for the year, as well as a music video for one of his more successful ones! Check it out!

Cammen is an up-and-comer on Spotify, and his dope beats have been turning our head at Blue Pie since we featured him on Soundwaves From Africa volume 44 back in 2018!

But he isn’t a rookie any more, and has been releasing track after track after track to the platform. All of them are catchy, and while they don’t all have music videos just yet, they’re perfect additions to any playlist that wants a bit of a beat to kick it into overdrive. We thought 2020 was Cammen’s year, but it was just the smoke coming from the true fire that is Cammen’s 2021! His most recent release is Kutuba, which is definitely a hard hitter and stands tall, even among its peers. Good stuff!

And of course, Cammen is still featuring on plenty of compilations, which is sure to help even more folks discover him. Here’s just a tiny sample.

It’s only a matter of time until Cammen throws even more bangers up online, and we’re hyped to see just what he’ll come up with next! How about you, you hype for the Cammen-flavoured future?

Well, until then, be sure to do what we do, and keep your eye closely on Cammen’s Spotify!

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