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Get high on Big Cixx's latest single... So High!
1 / 03 / 2019

Who’s ready for a fresh sound that takes you back to the golden age of modern hip hop? We got you right here with Big Cixx and So High!


Can you hear it? The piano, bass and low vocals in the melody bring the perfect song to blast outta your car speakers and nod your head hardcore while cruising around. Bigg Cixx delivers another hit since his last single and goes even further since he featured with DL Down3r and Spez Loaks on No L’s!

Cranking up the hype a little from Stay Low, while still keeping it chill, So High‘s mood is somewhere between the mellow bumping beats of Stay Low and the bopping slapper that is No L’s, perfect to cruise around to before a dank night out. Not only that but it brings back the mood and sound of the 80s-90s hip hop vibe. Chill, hardcore and proper all at the same time- perfect for multiple occasions and moods, or if you’re just feeling nostalgic for that style with a classic you haven’t even heard yet! Discover your newest classic that your playlist is sure to turn to again and again!

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