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Ruh Roh! An old parody from the doghouse - Beatle Barkers!
13 / 10 / 2020

New Zealand’s phenomenal dog combo, The Woofers And Tweeters Ensemble, made their debut with this infamous parody! You gotta love the Kiwis’ sense of humour, because back in the 80s, way before such edits were commonplace, we were blessed with this wonderful abomination!

Part of the Lifestyle Entertainment catalogue, this record was originally distributed via Aberrant Records. “Aberrant” is also about the only word one could use to describe this, all things considered. And what’s this in the album’s discography page? The producer was one Gene Pierson, the one and only mastermind behind Indig and Lifestyle! What a cheeky little piece of history that this is for Gene. He has a storied career, but most wouldn’t expect this, that’s for sure! Throw him a bone and check out some of his early parody work!

Although the only release by The Woofers And Tweeters Ensemble was this same album released through two different channels as seen on Spotify (with rumours of an English roster, as opposed to a Kiwi one, as befitting the Beatles themselves), the memories of this album still stick with us. People have even commented on the discography asking where they can find this album – one could say it has a cult following! Well we’re here to let the dogs out on this secret for those commenters – it’s on Spotify and all other major online retailers and streaming services! Not to mention Youtube and other video sites.

Wherever you choose to listen to these hilarious hits, be sure to Shout how these dogs are such good boys! Don’t let them become part of All The Lonely People, or well, puppies. The Beatle Barkers await you, wherever you choose to peruse them!

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