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The Plantashun Boiz will brighten your life with Ife!
7 / 01 / 2020

The soothing African boy band vibes of the Plantashun Boiz are here to finish the decade and welcome in 2020. September’s releases were blessed with their latest single – “Ife”!

The Boiz continue on the emotional track of their last release “The One”, following suit of a more upbeat tone. This is a love song in the most traditional sense – a celebration of the feeling, and an appreciation of the other party. This theme combined with the chill, cheerful mood of the music will suit any happy occasion, and of course any romantic moment! It’s great to see the band that our very own BlackFaceNaija helped form still doing great things in late 2019, and 2020 looks bright too! The band’s reuniting in 2014 was truly a blessing for the music world, and we have a lot to thank LoudHouz for.

While the track doesn’t yet have the same kind of insane viral traction as “The One”, with music of this continuous quality, it may yet reach it!


Check out more of the Boiz with their official links:

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