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The Sonic Didge Catalogue is fresh and authentic from Ash Dargan and friends!
5 / 01 / 2021

Indigenous Australia & Lifestyle Entertainment have been bringing a very special kind of flavour to our catalogue ever since we teamed up! The sort of flavour you’d really be hard pressed to find anywhere else – traditional, true Indigenous Australian Didgeridoo playing… a whopping 50 volumes of it! This is SONIC DIDGE!

These excellent and authentic albums feature the likes of Ash Dargan, David Hudson, Gene Pierson, Sonic World Orchestra, Wirrigan, Sacred Didj, and Aboriginal Dreamtime.

And we have the complete collection right here for your pleasure on Spotify!

This is an event of cultural significance for Australian music, and we want to extend our biggest thanks to Indig, Lifestyle, and all the artists involved. Now one and all can hear the sacred instrument most well-known from Indigenous Australian culture, and be wooed by the mystical wooden sounds. Can you hear native animal noises in the music notes? The kookaburra is always an easy spot if you know what to listen for… Have a hunt in the complete Spotify playlist, containing all 50 albums!

Indig, Lifestyle, and all who are involved with these projects beyond these two titans, are one of the key reasons that Indigenous music of this nature is seeing the global success and longevity that it is. We are honoured to be working alongside these living landmarks of music, who help put Indigenous culture that much more on the map! In times as dire as these, it’s very needed, to say the least.

For more info on this excellent label and the industry veterans associated with it, check out the following links, or email

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